Books to the Ceiling (by Collingwood_JFrancis)

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Good Vibes HERE

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Definitely decided I want to go to New Zealand for my birthday. Though there’s a 5 day tour thing I want to do so it’ll end up being the week before or after my birthday but that’s cool. 

It includes a tour of the Hobbit set. I should definitely get around to reading the Hobbit/LOTR books and watching the rest of the movies before I go.

And it looks like my friend can come with too. Now just to save all my money and hope for some extra shifts too!

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15) Finish that damn Scooby Doo Game!

This is the very first game my brother and I got when our parents first bought a PS2. This was when I was about 8 years old, yet to this day I have never finished the game. I want to finish the game. 

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17) Read all the books on my to-read shelf

Top picture is my to-read shelf and bottom picture is books I am currently reading. It would clearly be impossible to only read one at a time. 

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The List so far

1)      24 hour Skype sleepover with Molly

2)      Make & post a YouTube video

3)      Finish and edit one of my novels

4)      Road trip!

5)      Go out and get drunk and go crazy.

6)      Skinny dipping at the river

7)      Midnight picnic

8)      Technology free week (phone for calls/texting only)

9)      Learn to have a basic conversation in French

10)  Get a tattoo

11)  Cut my hair short

12)  Get my fucking P’s

13)  Learn to ride a horse

14)  Audition for something

15)  Finish that damn Scooby Doo Game!

16)  Make a time capsule

17)  Finish all the books on my to-read shelf

18)  Get a pet rat

19)   Have a vegetarian week

20)  Run 5k

21)  Visit somewhere I have never been before

22)  Go to New Zealand or on a cruise

23)  Marathon all the Harry Potter Movies in 24 hours